Welcome to THlNK!

THlNK invests in people with great ideas and the power to execute. We offer technology, know-how, business insights, a great network of experts, partners and access to clients around the world.

THlNK is constantly looking for business opportunities. Some of them include:

  • AltusInsight: big data made easy
  • Apparia Digital Solutions: mobile healthcare &┬álife-science solutions
  • bauhaus digital: information architecture 2.0 for the internet of things
  • DataCollateral: information discovery through pattern and behaviour recognition
  • display.vc: every screen becomes a stage for interactive signage
  • DynamIO: inject dynamic components into your webapps
  • expectare: developing mobile and multitouch apps on a powerful platform
  • FairTOUCH: apps to engage with clients and customers
  • Museotainment: gamify learning
  • S4CDN: scalable app and content delivery platform

If you want to present your idea, write us at make_something_people_want@thlnk.com.